The Artist

Customize your needs...

If customers can describe it and I can design it, be it a holiday, special event, birthday, and/or wedding, even if it doesn’t exist; clearly list and describe the pieces you want and I will  be sure to showcase a premium design and service  your needs.  


As a long time client, Pam's work and attention to client needs and detail goes above and beyond.  She can customize your ideas and concepts and turn them into masterpieces and one of a kind, specifically designed just for you.  

Why I pledge my loyalty to her work.

Anne L. Michaels

Sugar Land, Texas

Holiday earrings and Bracelets

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Pam Firmin - The Artist

Unusual objects and shapes become part of a new story as Pam stitches beads and gemstones, one at a time, to a felt like base. Most pieces are Pam's imagination dictate the design. She seldom works from sketches. Pam finds this meditative form of art to be a rich counterpoint to a society full of instant gratification. Some pieces take longer to complete.  Each piece is unique.  My simple intentions stem from my belief that “there can never be enough beauty in this world. "